8. Milo massage


The Milo massage is based and inspired on the Swedish massage.  The Swedish massage is often considered as the basis of all massages.  Delightful relaxation.   If you wish to pamper yourself, often the Milo massage is chosen as a starter.



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This massage is more comprehensive than a relaxing massage. It is much more than just some effleurages (long strokes) as done in many massages. The techniques employed are petrissages, tapotages, effleurages, vibrations, compressions and frictions.  You experience a deep relaxation, you will get a better blood flow and an improvement of the self-healing capacity of your body.

Despite its relaxing effect is the effect rather invigorating.  The action on the muscles is deeper than a regular relaxation massage.

Within the Swedish massage the masseur works almost exclusively with the hands.  Techniques with forearms and/or elbows (or with other agents such as feet) – which exist in other massage forms – are in the Swedish massage not common.

The Swedish massage is distinguished by the anatomy and blood flow direction.  It is a powerful massage.  The blood circulation is stimulated.  Waste products are removed from the body.  Muscle knots are removed from the muscles.  (muscle knote / triggerpoints  Muscle knots are local contractions in the muscle tissue that cause pain, tingling or numbness.)   The blood circulation is promoted and tired and tense muscles are lit.

Swedish massage is a relaxing massage for both body and mind.  This inner peace strengthens the self-healing capacity of the body.

The Swedish massage is suitable for anyone with pain or blockages, but also for anyone who wants to get a deeply relaxing massage.

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  60 minutes delicious Milo massage: 60 euro, 90 minutes: 80 euro
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