‘Zen & fit @home’

Bright and fit ...

In several sessions, over a period of 25 weeks, I help you, at your home, how you can improve your fitness and health. You can practice, benefit and enjoy 'Zen and fit @ home' your whole life!

Our goal is that you learn the habit, in all ease, to do every morning, 6 days a week if you feel comfortable with this, a short, light, diversified workout (and every weekday different).  





Daily small attainable steps

We look what is attainable for you.  We will take small attainable steps, what will motivate you from the beginning, to continue. 

ZEN:  The first weeks are mainly intended to create, step by step, some free time for you in the morning for a few more 'eastern' exercices. Session 1: week 1

* FIT: After that we will add, step by step, some (short) goal oriented fitness exercises. Session 2: week 5.  Session: week 15. Session 4: week 25



What do you get

1) 25 weeks set-up period with 4 x 2 hour zen and fit sessions
2) a yoga mat.
3) your structured 'zen and fit' coaching package
4) I come to your home.
(If you live more than 40 km from me: small price adjustment.)



Price 'zen and fit'

total: 499 euro


separately:  session 1:  159 euro
separately:  session 2:  139 euro
separately:  session 3:  119 euro
separately:  session 4:  99 euro



Book your package.

+32  485 84 40 83
Hazelaarkouter 18, 8700 Tielt, Belgium

Within 24 hours, you receive answer from me.

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