‘Zen & fit @home’

Bright and fit, without fitness center ...

Would you like to sport more from this year on, but you can't make it to the sport class, fitness centre, yoga class,...? Would you like more harmony and balance in your life? Then I have what you are looking for: 'Zen and fit @ home'. 

Instead of paying every year for your fitness membership, I teach/coach you in several sessions over a period of 52 weeks, in your home, how you can take your fitness and health in your hands at home.  You can practice the package you whole life and you will have lifelong benefits.



Zen and fit

ZEN: Would you like to start each day with a bright, relaxed mind and energetic body?

The positive influences of (prana) breathing and relax exercices are meanwhile already long been known and proven:

  • Less susceptible to stress
  • More harmony and balance
  • More energy



 FIT: Did you always wanted to enjoy a fit body but you don't get in the fitness center?  Then 'Zen and fit @home' is ideal for you.


-> I eventually took the best of eastern and western training and bundled it together in 30 minutes wich you can do at dawn (or later).



Daily small attainable steps

'I can't do this' you think? I think you can.  You don't need a sport history.  We look what is attainable for you.  An intelligent roadmap, where we take small attainable steps, will motivate you from the beginning, to continue. 

* Become your own coach: You get a personal coachingmap folder where you write down your performance / performance after each exercise.  You see your performance increase gradually, which is the best motivation.

ZEN:  The first weeks are mainly intended to create, step by step, some free time for you in the morning for a few more 'eastern' exercices.

* FIT: After that we will ad, step by step, some (short) goal oriented fitness exercises.

* You will feel much more energetic in your life.  That will motivate you, to practice even more diligently.



What do you get

1) 52 weeks set-up period with 7 x 2 hour zen and fit sessions
2) a yoga mat.
3) your structured 'zen and fit' coaching package.
4) I come to your home.



Time structure

* 1st session: week 1:     Oriental techniques =biggest block

* 2nd session: week 3:    evaluation + block agility / motor skills

* 3rd session: week 5:    evaluation + block flexibility / stretching

* 4th session: week 10:  evaluation + block speed

* 5th session: week 15:   evaluation + block strenght

* 6 th session: week 20:  evaluation + block balance

* 7 th session: week 52:  evaluation + feedback + deepening




How did I come to this?

With a master's degree in physical education, orientation physical activity, fitness and health, I went to work abroad as windsurf instructor.  In 2007, while working on a Greek Island, I became seriously injured and paralysed.

During my 10 year rehabilitation I was challenged to look for a way of life that led to physical and mental health.  I taught myself step by step the habit to go to bed early Because of that I am awake at dawn.

Then I have time to do my morning ' zen and fit ' in all peace.

This very powerful recovery experience has deepened my interest in and understanding of the potential of the human body and has increased my motivation to contribute to human physical and psychological health and fitness.  That's why I offer my 'zen & fit @home ' also to you and I hope you will experience the benefits just like me.

I still do, every morning, with pleasure, my 'zen and fit' for my health.  



Price 'zen and fit': 799 euro



Did you always wanted to (re)start to sport but never really started? Let me help you with your good intention!
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