About me

My name is Miguel Milo Depuydt.

I graduating from the Katholic University Leuven with a Master's degree in Physical Education. The 4 following years I refined my skills as windsurf, snowboard and fitness instructor in Belgium and abroad. In 2007, while working on a Greek Island, I was badly injured.  Immediatly a helicopter flew me to the hospital in Rhodos.  A few weeks later, an airplane with a Belgian dokters dispatch flew me to the university hospital in Gent, Belgium, where I stayed 1,5 year.

During my more than 10 year recovery, I was challenged on every level and I was obliged to use all my willpower and knowledge of the human body to accelerate my recovery.  I am greatfull for all the help from family and friends.  I was forced to search for a way of life that lead to physical and mental health.    This serious accident and the intense recovery have deepened my interest in, and understanding of human potential, and increased my motivation to contribute to human physical and psychological health and fitness. That is why I offer my 'Zen and fit' to you and I hope you will also enjoy the positive effects.




During my rehabilitation I discovered the healing effects of several types of massage and Shiatsu and I started to study them. If you wish to treat yourself to a massage with warm Sjankara quality massage oil , I receive you gladly in Tielt. 

That's what massage offers you.  A moment of pure relaxation.  An element that fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. Massages have long been used as a simple therapeutic treatment. A massage can mean a lot for your mental and physical health.

It is a natural treatment that helps you to be balanced in life. Every month, allow yourself a break.

You can enjoy a Hawaïan, Ayurvedic, hotstone and Milo massage, hotstone mix, head & toe, sports massage, Shiatsu and '30 minutes delight' and duo massages.

If you would like some more information with the choice of the various massages, you can wait with making your choice (except for hotstone massage and hotstone mix) until you come to the oppointment where I give you some more information. 

kind regards,






+32  485  84 40 83
Hazelaarkouter 18, 8700 Tielt, Belgium
Within 24 hours, you receive answer from me.
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