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mobile:  +32  485  84 40 83


adress: Hazelaarkouter 18, 8700 Tielt, Belgium



Opening hours

 10h - 14h14h - 16h16h - 19h30

-> Always on appointment





Extra information

  • To download your medical certificate for admission to fitness and sport, click here.  
  • Zen and fit at your home with a maximum of 40 km 'google maps distance' from my home in Tielt. (when more: contact me)
  • Massage at home with a maximum of 25 km 'google maps distance' from my home in Tielt. (when more: contact me)
  • After one massage in Miguel Milo Tielt, you can reservate a massage at home.
  • People with 'wrong intentions' will be refused.
  • Underage customers must be accompanied by a parent.
  • Although it is our attempt to keep this website complete and up-to-date, we retain the right to change information and we can not be held liable for any late adjustments.
  • We use the Facebook data to advertise, and we aim to send a message as relevant as possible to the Facebook users.
  • In this website a photo was used from Morgue file and Freepik.
  • account number: BE10 7350 2201 0904
  • Business number:  0729.733.275