5. Sportmassage


A sports massage is a complex of techniques, applied with the bare hand on the skin of the passive healthy sports practitioner with the purpose to perpetuate, to improve his physical condition and/or to take away the possible adverse consequences of the sport, or to let this be felt as little as possible.


New: Especifically for the athletes where mainly the legs are charged, such as with cyclists and football players, there is an offer '30 minutes sports massage' where  the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles are intensely massaged.


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Sports massage is a massage that focuses more firmly on the muscles, with the aim to improve the blood flow through the muscles. Thereby draining the waste faster from the muscle tissue. This improves the condition and injuries will recover faster.
Not just for athletes to undergo before or after exercise, but for anyone who suffers from for example a jammed neck and/or shoulders or just after a busy working day.

The aim of sports massage can be threefold.  First of all, sportmassage can be preparative.  A sports massage can not replace a warm up, but can be a part of it.  A sports massage can also be preventive. The aim is to acheive a better blood flow, a better function and  a better coordination, reducing the risk of injuries.  A sports massage can also be curative (healing).   Here is the goal to restore the normal state after a (heavy) effort.  Increasing the elimination of fatigue substances (lactic acid), this will prevent or reduce muscle pain.

If we make a subdivision in terms of time of the sports massage we have first of all the pre-activity massage.  The massage before the competition or training in which muscles are made ready for the upcoming effort.  The inter-activity massage is the massage during the contest or between 2 competitions/courses during the same day.  Just after the effort it is a massage where the normal state of the tissue is restored and just before a subsequent effort to help the blood flow going again.  The post-activity massage is the massage after a competition or training.  This form of sports massage most frequently occur and has the purpose of dehydration (dewatering), the repair of the tissues. Fatigue substances (lactic acid) and waste products are better drained due to the massage. This improves the recovery and prevents any muscle pain, making the body better and faster be prepared for the next effort. The passivity massage is a massage in a rest period, when you don't have any match or training on the program for a while.  In this massage the condition is maintained.

Training and delivering sports performance are a continual strain on the body. A one-time sport massage can be very nice, but has only a limited effect. Depending on your options, it is recommended that you have a massage at least once every two weeks.


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  60 minutes delicious sport massage: 60 euro, 90 minutes: 80 euro
30 minutes sportmassage legs: 35 euro 
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