1. Milo massage

The Milo massage is based on and inspired by the Swedish massage, with a personal touch from Miguel Milo. Good blood circulation and help with self-healing capacity are the main goals besides relaxation.  The most requested massage. Enjoy.

Rate: 60 minutes: 50 euros (90 ': 70 euros)



2. Massage @home

Do you feel like having a relaxing massage at your home?  That's possible!   I'll bring a massage table, soft white towels and a heater to warm up the qualitative Shankara oil.  At your home, you can enjoy the Milo massage.  (or, if requested: sportmassage, Shiatsu, head & toe)

Price: 60 minutes: 70 euro  (90' : 90 euro)


3. Duo massage

My massage partner and myself spoil you and your partner (or friend, family member,...). You each lie on a massage table and at the same time you receive a delightful relaxing massage.

Price 2 pers.: 60 minutes: 120 euro  (90' : 170 euro)


4. Ayurvedische massage

Ayurveda is the oldest and most comprehensive healthcare system in the world.  The name Ayurveda literally means (Ayur = life, Veda = knowledge) "the knowledge of life".  It is a centuries-old natural wisdom whose base was laid more than 5000 years ago in India.   The Ayurvedic massage is an important part of it.  The Rajasic Ayurvedic massage is offered. This is a massage that sets in motion and releases heat. Each body part is first massaged loose (without oil) (shaking, pressing, tapering and kneading) and then oiled with powerful movements. This massage is slightly more intense than the Milo massage.

Price: 60 minutes: 50 euro  (90' : 70 euro)


5. Hotstone massage

In a hot stone massage, hot basalt stones are used.  This are hard volcanic stones with a high density. Due to the heat you experience a blissful feeling of relaxation.

Price: 60 minutes: 60 euro  (90' : 80 euro)


6. Hotstone mix

You receive a hot stone massage massage combined with the Milo massage.

Price: 60 minutes: 60 euro  (90': 80 euro)


7. Sportmassage

Sports massage is a massage that focuses more firmly on the muscles, with the aim to improve the blood flow through the muscles. Thereby draining the waste faster from the muscle tissue. This improves the condition and injuries will recover faster.
Not just for athletes to undergo before or after exercise, but for anyone who suffers from for example a jammed neck and/or shoulders or just after a busy working day.

Price: 60 minutes: 50 euro  (30': 35 euro / 90' : 70 euro)


8. Shiatsu

Pressure point massage acts on the flow of the meridians or energy pathways in your body, stimulates your self-healing power and acts preventive.  No oil is used.  Loose clothing is advised.

"As a Shiatsu practitioner I do not make a diagnosis of physical, psychological or acute conditions. This task is for the doctor or a qualified person. In case of a serious condition, consult a doctor.  Shiatsu can complement for a medical treatment."

Price: 60 minutes: 50 euro  (90' : 70 euro)


9. Hawaiian massage

The Hawaïan massage is a peaceful, rithmic massage which mainly uses the forearms. It is a quiet, rhythmic massage, focusing on relaxation and healing. Heat is of great importance for a deep relaxation.  The movements can be compared with the waves of the ocean, raising energy blockages, stress washes away and the natural energy flow of the body is stimulated.

Price: 60 minutes: 50 euro  (90' : 70 euro)


10. Head & toe

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor free massage picturesHead & toe is a massage where we only focus on your feet, hands, neck and head.  A foot zone massage is combined with a massage of the hands, a neck and head massage.  You can keep your clothes on, then, loose clothing is recommended.

Price: 60 minutes: 50 euro  (30': 35 euro)


11. 30 minutes delight

This is a massage where we only focus on your back, shoulders and neck, but in case you have strained muscles, we can alter the focus a bit.  This massage is just like the Milo massage based on and inspired by the Swedish massage.

Price: 30 minutes: 35 euro 



I welcome you in a relaxed atmosphere.  It is pleasantly warm in the massage room and soft music plays in the background. With a glass of water follows a short conversation where you can mention some topics to which I can pay extra attention.   Before the massage I leave the room so you can prepare in all peace, lay on the massage table and put a big soft towel on top of you. 


During the massage, only the body part being massaged is uncovered.  I massage you with high quality Sjankara massage oil.  After the massage I leave the room to let you get dressed.  After the massage you can enjoy a glass of water and share some experiences if you want.  After the massage you go home feeling reborn.    The hours after a massage, it is advised to drink more water.

A massage at home is broadly the same as defined above.



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Massage is an ancient and popular method used for pain relief and muscle relaxation.  Over the centuries developed various massage techniques.  The art of touching with a deep, healing effect on the body, partly found its origins in Oriental cultures that became known in our region through the intensive trade.  Some techniques were mixed together and refined to new massage techniques.  Separation of mind and body within the ecclesiastical philosophy led to massage been driven into the taboo atmosphere.  Only when several doctors described the benefits of massage, massage was introduced again in Europe. A well done massage brings body and mind back in balance. One will feel like reborn, one comes fully relax.



A massage can act on the body in different ways. The skin is stripped of keratinized dead skin flakes.  There is improved blood circulation of the skin and the loosening of sebum accumulations.  Sweat glands and deeper cells function better.  In the skin and the subcutaneous connective tissue chemicals are released that have a vasodilator effect on the vascular system.  The regeneration of tissues reduces scar tissue and stretch marks.

The circulation of blood and lymph can be disturbed by pressure from the surrounding tissues.  This wil diminish the drain of waste.  By the massage this pressure is removed and the small capillaries are mechanically drained.  This ensures that the cell metabolism restores.  By stimulating the lymphatic system the immune system improves.  Another reason why the immune system improves, is because of the fact that through massage the parasympathetic part of the nervous system is activated, allowing less cortisol and noradrenaline to be released. These are the hormones that are released during stress and are involved in the fight or flight response.  By the reduced cortisol increases the activity of the immune system, and causes a greater resistance to diseases.

Muscles need enough oxygen to function properly.  At oxygen starvation lactic acid is accumulated in the muscle tissues, which can lead to muscle fatigue and muscle pain.  Massage restores the blood circulation within the muscle, so that the excess lactic acid can be drained, and the muscle is better supplied with oxygen.  It helps athletes to recover more quickly, but also prior to intense efforts, as well as during maintenance, massage has a positive influence.  It also increases the energy level.

Massage can stimulate pain reduction.  Just think of the first gut reaction to rub in pain.  This causes a sedative and narcotic effect.  In the first place, the receptors in the nervous system are temporarily delayed, and so the pain stimulus does not get delivered so fast to the brain. In addition, thanks to the stimulating effect of the massage, body opiates are released, and by the stimulating effect of the massage on blood circulation, they will be better transported.  These opiates have a calming, analgesic effect.  In addition, the massage can have a favourable impact on the recovery of the causal factors of the pain.  The massage improves the blood flow so that the nutrition of the cells becomes better and more efficient, and at the same time waste substances are better drained.

Massage works complementary and should never be seen as a replacement for the physician and medical care.      



In addition to the effects on the body, the massage of course also has a beneficial effect on the mind.

A relaxation of the muscles can replace the inner sense of anxiety and tension by calmness and tranquility.  This creates a drop in heart rate and blood pressure, and improved circulation.

Massage also stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin. Endorphin is the body's natural painkiller.  Serotonin is the happiness hormone involved in mood, sleep, appetite, sexual activity and emotion.  Serotonin also plays a role in the processing of pain stimuli.

Massage has a pronounced effect on the emotional state of a person. The more tension a person experiences, the stronger the pain perception. So stress can lead to the increase of pain. The massage provides the necessary relaxation causing pain reduction to occur.

A reduced feeling of anxiety and tension, better circulation, less stress, relaxation, calm, peace,...  These are all factors that have a positive impact on the function of the body and prevent many small and larger pains from occuring.

Moreover, it is just relaxing and pleasant.

 Massage works complementary and should never be seen as a replacement for the physician and medical care.     




There are some contraindications whereby massage is absolutely not recommended.  This list is not exhaustive, that's why it is important to mention health complaints.

  • first 3 months of pregnancy
  • Shiatsu: whole duration of pregnancy
  • inflammation
  • unknow pain
  • skin infection and open wound
  • fever
  • infectious skin disease
  • fractures
  • people with life-threatening illness
  • bruises
  • Thrombosis and phlebitis
  • severe osteoporosis
  • infection (abscess)

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