3. Hotstone massage


In a hot stone massage, hot basalt stones are used.  This are hard volcanic stones with a high density. Due to the combination of massage and heat you experience a blissful feeling of relaxation.


More info:

A hot stone massage is a delicious body treatment from the thought "spirit, soul and body are one".  The treatment combines massage with thermodynamic advantages of heated basalt stones and the benefits of warm massage oils.

The thermotherapy consists of hot basalt stones, heated to the ideal temperature of 45-50 ° c, which are placed upon the body.  With this stones you also get gently massaged.

-> The stones:
Basalt is the best material for a hot stone massage because it retains heat longer and displays it in a natural way to the body. 
The stones include from South America and are formed from solidified lava. Because they have lain for centuries in riverbeds they are nice round and smooth shaped.  The stones have a very high percentage of iron and magnesium, which makes them extremely strong and compact.
Indians say that the stones are formed by the four elements; earth, wind, water and fire.  If they get the stones from the river beds they are consecrated with the four wind directions.

-> Effects
The heat penetrates into the muscle and relieves tension.  The application of heat increases the sense of well being and gives the masseur also the chance to delve deeper and to work more effectively with chronic pain.  Hotstone massage provides deep relaxation and detoxification, stimulates the organ functions and activate the self-healing capacity of the body.  It supports all levels of healing because it harmonizes the emotional, mental and physical energies.

This massage is recommended for:

  • voltage
  • stress
  • muscle problems
  • joint problems such as rheumatism and osteoarthritis
  • digestive problems
  • poor circulation

But a hot stone massage is certainly also advisable for people who just want to pamper their body.

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  60 minutes delicious hotstone massage: 70 euro, 90 minutes: 90 euro
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