11 relaxing massages



Come and enjoy our variety of massage forms: 

1. Hawaïan massage
2. Ayurvedis massage
3. hotstone massage
4. head & toe
5. sportmassage
6. Shiatsu 
7. hotstone mix
8. Milo massage 
9. '30 minutes delight'
10. Duo massage
11. Massage at home

Come and enjoy our most successful offer: the 'Milo massage'.  This deeply relaxing massage is based on and inspired by the Swedish massage.

  • Someone who takes the time for your questions and concerns.
  • You will be pampered with warm, high-quality Sjankara massage oil.
  • You feel completely relaxed and reborn.



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Who am I

* My name is Miguel Milo Depuydt.  I graduated from the Katholic University Leuven with a Master's degree in Physical Education. While working in 2007 Greece as a windsurf instructor, I was badly injured.  Immediatly a helicopter flew me to the hospital in Rhodos.  A few weeks later, an airplane with a Belgian dokters dispatch flew me to the university hospital in Gent, Belgium, where I stayed 1,5 year.

* During my more than 10 year recovery, I was challenged on every level and I had all my willpower and knowledge of the human body to accelerate my recovery. I was forced to search for a way of life that lead to physical and mental health.  I still do my daily morning 'Zen & fit' training.  This serious accident and the intense recovery have deepened my interest in, and understanding of human potential, and increased my motivation to contribute to human physical and psychological health and fitness. That is why I offer my " Zen and fit' to you and I hope you will also enjoy the positive effects.

 * During my rehabilitation I also discovered the virtuous and healing effects of several types of massage and Shiatsu and I started to study them.  I am looking forward to receive you in the Hazelaarkouter 18, 8700 Tielt.
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Miguel Milo


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-> ‘A guy with an inspiring story and warm hands!’  Eveline

-> ... immediatly I got the feeling he is very respectful.  I received a Milo massage.    To my feeling he knows his profession very good and everything was flowing nicely in eachother.  I was massaged with different techniques.  Again ... all very "respectful".  He places high value on respect.  Thanks !!!!  Love,  Kristien'

->  '... with ancient tools and magic hands ... '  Caroline

 0485 / 84 40 83