11 relaxing massages

1. Milo massage 
2. Massage aan huis   
3. Duo massage
4. Ayurvedische massage
5. Hotstone massage         
6. Hotstone mix  
7. Sportmassage
8. Shiatsu 
9. Hawaïaanse massage
10. Head & toe
11. '30 minutes delight'

Zen en fit @home

Would you like every morning a boost for your breathing, physical and mental health? Would you like more harmony and balance in your life?  Then this is maybe what you are looking for: 'Zen and fit @ home'.


About me

* My name is Miguel Milo Depuydt.  I graduated from the Katholic University Leuven with a Master's degree in Physical Education. In 2007, while working on a Greek Island as a windsurf instructor, I was badly injured and got paralysed.

* During my more than 10 year recovery, I was challenged on every level and I was obliged to use all my willpower and knowledge of the human body to accelerate my recovery.    This led to 'Zen & fit' training.  

 * During my rehabilitation I also discovered the virtuous and healing effects of several types of massage and Shiatsu and I started to study them.  Do you feel like a delightfull massage?  Book today! 
Miguel Milo


 -> A guy with an inspiring story and warm hands!  Eveline


-> ... immediatly I got the feeling he is very respectful.  I received a Milo massage.    To my feeling he knows his profession very good and everything was flowing nicely in eachother.  I was massaged with different techniques.  Again ... all very "respectful".  He places high value on respect.  Thanks !!!!  Love,  Kristien


->  I had a lot of pleasantness and satisfaction of your Shiatsu treatment, Miguel! During the treatment I felt total relaxation descending, not only in my body, but also emotional! From a deep serene connection with your essence you have hit me in my essence! Life has learned you to listen to the "language of the body", an invaluable tool!

Thanks Miguel.



-> Miguel, that is class massage you give.     Chantal


-> Miguel does not only give a technical massage, but also with feeling, which you don't often experience. It has a healing and soothing effect, both for the body and the soul. Highly recommended.



 (translated; originally dutch)



*Massage 60 minutes:    50 euro   (90' : 70 euro)
*Hotstone 60 minutes:   60 euro   (90': 80 euro)
*Duo massage 60 minutes:   120 euro   (90': 170 euro)
*Massage @home: 60 minutes:   70 euro (90': 90 euro)
*'Zen and fit':    499 or 159 euro for the first session

book your 'zen and fit' or massage

+32 485  84 40 83
Hazelaarkouter 18, 8700 Tielt, Belgium
mon. till sat.: 10h - 19h30
exception: wed.: 14h - 16h30
(Always on appointment)

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book your 'zen and fit' or massage

+32 485 84 40 83
Hazelaarkouter 18, 8700 Tielt, Belgium