1. Hawaïan massage


Hawaïan massage:  In this beautiful massage form, the masseur works mainly with his forearms.  In a way he performs a dance ritual on your body.   You feel the rhythms and movements of sparkling waterfalls and soothing ocean waves.

More info:

Hawaïan massage or Lomi lomi is a massage technique, originated from the beautiful tradition and culture of the Hawaïan islands.  "Lomi" is the Hawaiian word for massage but also means "touch with the velvet paws of a satisfied cat".   The Mana, or life energy flows to any place in the body, tensions and blockages are released and health is stimulated.  After the massage you will feel reborn.

-> Effects of the Hawaïan massage

After this massage you will feel more vital and more relaxed.  The Hawaïan massage has a deep effect on the muscular system, the nervous system and the senses.  You will have better blood circulation and this massage has a positive effect on the organs.   You will have improved digestion and enhanced metabolism making this massage detoxifying as well.  It resolves edema, reduces pain, improves the mobility of joints and relaxes the body movement.

-> Massage techniques

The Hawaïan massage is a massage which mainly uses the forearms. It is a quiet, rhythmic massage, focusing on relaxation and healing. Heat is of great importance for a deep relaxation.

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  60 minutes delicious Hawaïan massage: 60 euro, 90 minutes: 80 euro.
 0485 / 84 40 83